Mitsukura Lab Keio University | 慶應義塾大学 満倉靖惠研究室


Looking into the invisible human body with Engineering windows

About us

  The Mitsukura Lab makes use of each other's technology and knowledge, which cannot be achieved by either the Faculty of Science and Engineering or the Faculty of Medicine alone. We are pioneering new fields for clinical applications. Rather than simply merging fields, we aim to implement them in the real world after solving the problems that arise.
  In the laboratory, students from the Faculty of Medicine, students from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and students from the Faculty of Commerce can all come together and have lively discussions. Therefore, not only medical-engineering collaboration but also various fields are mixed, and new discoveries lead to worldwide inventions. We can go to medical school for clinical work that we can't do in the science and engineering department, and the laboratory is always lively because we do manufacturing and analysis that are difficult in other departments.



Processing biometric signals such as EEG


the effects of hormones on the biometric signal


Researching psychiatric and neuronal diseases

Image processing

Medical applications using event cameras and data methods


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